Pascrell To Reintroduce The Bring Jobs Home Act

By Spencer Raine, WBGO News
Teterboro. February 21, 2013

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While New Jersey high schools like Bergen County Tech in Teterboro boast of having a 100-percent graduation rate,  Congressman Bill Pascrell is raising concerns about the jobs and careers the next generation will have at their disposal. 

Reminded of an agenda item from President Obama's State of the Union address in 2012, the Democrat says companies need incentives to stop shipping their openings overseas.  Pascrell told students at the technical high school, he plans to reintroduce the Bring Jobs Home Act when Congress reconvenes in Washington next week.  Pascrell says the country has lost more than 5-million jobs over the past decade and referenced one study indicating that a quarter of the existing jobs are still at risk to be outsourced.

Pascrell says the Bring Jobs Home Act flips existing tax code which credits corporate outsourcing with a bill that has the potential to offer 20-percent tax credits for companies to keep jobs here.  Pascrell says both members of the House have had time to mull this over.  While it was never to the floor for a vote, he thinks the stagnant economy will translate to quick passage. 


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