Pallone Vows To Continue Lautenberg's Legacy

By Phil Gregory, WBGO News
Long Branch. August 14, 2013

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Pallone is all smiles with his supporters even after his defeat in the Senate Primary (photo by Phil Gregory)

After finishing a distant second in the Democratic Primary, Congressman Frank Pallone says he’s supporting Cory Booker in the October race for a U.S Senate seat from New Jersey..

Pallone smiled as he greeted his supporters and told them he enjoyed the Primary campaign.

 “My work is not done. Obviously I’m going to be going back to the House of Representatives. We go back into session in September, and a big part of what I will continue to do is to continue Senator Lautenberg’s legacy.”

Pallone says he has an obligation to look out for working people and the little guy.

He says he’ll continue to fight in Congress for the Affordable Care Act.

 “We’re not going to repeal it. We’re not going to defund it. We’re not going let the Tea party Republicans get their way, It’s going to be fully implemented, and I’m going to be there in October and through the rest of the year as I watch it be implemented.”

Pallone says he’ll also continue efforts to protect the environment.

His other priorities include marriage quality, comprehensive immigration reform, and a repeal of the recent Supreme Court decision on the Voting Rights Act.


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