Opposition To Seismic Testing Plan

By Phil Gregory, WBGO News
Jersey Shore. July 2, 2014

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New Jersey Sierra Club director Jeff Tittel
New Jersey Sierra Club director Jeff Tittel opposes the seismic testing (photo by Phil Gregory)

New Jersey environmental officials say they will go to court in an effort to block a plan for seismic testing of the ocean floor.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has approved the testing that’s designed to examine ocean sediments as part of a study of climate change and sea level rise.

But New Jersey Sierra Club director Jeff Tittel believes it’s really about mapping the ocean floor for potential oil and gas drilling. He’s concerned about the environmental effects of the testing.

“People don’t realize when they do this seismic testing, it’s like an underwater explosion, and those shock waves that go out impact fisheries and actually can hurt and threaten the lives of many sea mammals especially right whales and dolphins.”

Opponents vow they’ll continue to fight the testing.


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