Oliver Uncertain About Another Term As Speaker

By Phil Gregory, WBGO News
Trenton. July 26, 2013

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Assembly Speaker Sheila Oliver (photo by Phil Gregory)

One of the U-S Senate candidates in New Jersey is uncertain about her political future.

Democrat Sheila Oliver wants to win the Senate race, but if she doesn’t, she’s not sure she’ll seek another term as Speaker of the New Jersey Assembly.

“I’m going to be thinking about that issue for the next several months and if in fact we come back victorious in the Democratic general election and we maintain our majorities, I think that is when all our internal decision making will happen.”

Oliver says everyone should have the opportunity to move up the leadership ladder.

“In my caucus including myself there are 48 Democrats. If we maintain our majority I think that it’s important to allow other members in a rotation cycle to have the opportunity to step up.”

Oliver has been the leader of the Assembly since January of 2010.

“I have never been able to understand those that would want to be in a legislative leadership position for 30 years or 20 years or 12 years. I think that it is unfair to the members of your caucus to not broaden access to leadership.”

Oliver survived a behind-the-scenes battle two years ago to maintain that role, and could face a new challenge if she decides to hang onto the Speakership after the November election.


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