NY Senator Says Republicans Pulled Rug Out From Under Sandy Victims

By Monica Miller, WBGO News
Manhattan. January 2, 2013

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Senator Chuck Schumer at his Manhattan office

New York’s senior senator says House Republican leaders pulled rug from under the region hit hard by Sandy.

Senator Chuck Schumer says this is the saddest and most frustrating day of his 37 years in Congress.

“It wasn’t easy passing a $60 billion bill in the Senate. Now, we’re going to have to start from the beginning again.”

New York’s senior US senator says he’s infuriated by House Speaker John Boehner and others pulled disaster relief aid legislation at the last minute.

“Speaker Boehner is a good man in general. He’s under huge pressure. But, he shouldn’t have allowed all that pressure to be taken out on New York homeowners, New York small business owners, New York taxpayers. “

Senator Schumer says he’s been reassured by other Republican leaders Sandy aid will be a top priority when they return  after the Inauguration. However,

“At best, even if we pass something a month from now, it delays everything because banks, home owners, small businesses are less likely to lay out money to repair and rebuild if they’re not sure money is there to reimburse them.”

He says the New York delegation made sure a bill was passed within a week after Hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf Coast.  It’s been more than two months and New York is still waiting for help. 


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