Nor'easter Causes More Loss Of Power

By Phil Gregory, WBGO News
Brick Township. November 8, 2012

Article image
Heavy, wet snow causes more power problems in Brick Township (photo by Phil Gregory)

Tens of thousands of New Jersey residents who lost power for days as a result of Hurricane Sandy are without it again because of the nor’easter.

As if it wasn’t enough to shovel the eight inches of heavy, wet snow in Brick Township, the snow brought down tree branches and utility lines.

Alex Hohowski says he got his electric service back on Sunday only to have the nor’easter knock it out again.

 “I’m tired of it, real tired of it. It’s annoying to do everything. You got to take cold showers. You got to eat not the best food because it’s hard to prepare food. I’m just tired of living like renaissance.  It stinks but you just got to deal with it.”

Residents with generators are having an easier time of it, but are also anxious for life to start to return to normal.

Jane lives in Brick and while she lost power again because of the nor’easter she’s more concerned about others.

 “The thing is to remember about the workers who are still out here for the past what it’s going to be two weeks. I have a house. I’m very fortunate so I can’t complain because I’m thinking about the other people who have lost almost everything.”

Governor Christie says utility crews are doing a good job, and he expects everyone who lost power will have it back by Sunday at the latest.


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