NJPAC Tops List of Horizon Foundation Grant Recipients

By Alexandra Hill, WBGO News
April 16, 2013

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The Horizon Foundation has announced it’s giving a million and a half million dollars to support arts in New Jersey. A big chunk of that is going to one organization in Newark.

The grants are part of the foundation’s efforts to promote the arts in communities throughout the state. The largest recipient by far is NJPAC.  It’s getting a million dollars over the next 5 years for Sounds of The City, its free summer concert series.  Jonathan Pearson is Executive Director of the Horizon Foundation. He says their goal is to enrich the communities they serve.

“It’s not only for the city of Newark, and the residents, and business leaders, and others in the city but it’s really a statewide and regional attraction that again fosters great access to the arts and culture.”

Pearson says the money will also go to the urban music and comedy performances at NJPAC next season.


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