NJ Wants To Speed Sandy Claims

By Phil Gregory, WBGO News
Union Beach. February 5, 2013

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Insurance Commissioner Ken Kobylowski at news conference at Union Beach Fire Dept. (photo by Phil Gregory)

New Jersey officials are trying to speed up Superstorm Sandy related insurance claims.

Members of Governor Christie’s cabinet traveled to Union Beach to help residents recover from the storm.

Insurance Commissioner Ken Kobylowski says homeowners have been voicing concerns about delays in processing their claims.

“They have been in contact with their insurance companies, the adjuster has been out to their property, but yet they have heard from that adjustor or their company and it’s been several weeks.”

A  new order from the Insurance Department requires state-regulated insurance companies to respond to consumer-filed complaints within five days.

Governor Christie says 85 percent of homeowner claims have been resolved, but only 30 percent of flood claims have been processed by the National Flood Insurance Program.

Christie says that’s unacceptable. He’s urging the state’s Congressional delegation to put pressure on the feds to send more staff to New Jersey so those claims are resolved quickly.

“People need to know how much money they’re going to have from their flood insurance to be able to rebuild and repair their homes. We need to know because as we begin to administer these homeowner grant programs we need to know how much money you’re going to have from flood insurance so we can give you an appropriately sized grant to try to help bridge that gap.”


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