NJ Unemployment Lowest Since March 2009

By Phil Gregory, WBGO News
Trenton. September 19, 2013

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New Jersey’s unemployment rate has hit its lowest level in more than four years.

Assistant New Jersey Labor Commissioner Jeff Stoller says the unemployment rate edged down to 8.5 percent in August, even as total employment in the state fell by 1500 jobs.

“The trends for most of our industries are very positive and have been for the past year and are again this month. So I think that if you’re seeing even that small potential preliminary change, you’re going to see under revision that is not going to be a net loss.”

Stoller says the jobless rate is a full percentage point lower than a year ago as more New Jersey residents enter the labor force and succeed in finding work.

“We are seeing the highest number of people in this past year ever employed in New Jersey, getting close to the four million mark, higher than a year ago. We are seeing 54,000 roughly fewer people on unemployment.”

Stoller is hopeful of more job gains in coming months as the national economy improves.

“We’re part of some pretty big movement here. We think that we’re really seeing some growth. I think we’re just seeing trends that are coming from across the country and that really promise new opportunities going forward.”


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