NJ Transit Looking For New Storm Shelter For Trains

By Katie Colaneri, WBGO News
January 11, 2013

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NJ Transit has announced it’ll be restoring full service to Manhattan on Monday. Officials say it could be several more weeks before all trains to Hoboken are running. In the meantime, the agency is already making new contingency plans for the next big storm.

NJ Transit’s largest maintenance facility, located in the Meadowlands, flooded during Sandy, damaging a number of locomotives and train cars, as well as the machines to repair them.

Executive Director Jim Weinstein says the agency is scouting out locations for a new “safe haven.”

“A place where we can take our equipment and be as sure as possible that we’re not going to be faced with floods from surge or downed trees or downed wires.”

Weinstein continues to defend NJ Transit’s decision to house equipment in the Meadowlands facility, despite warnings of potential flooding. He expects a new location will be ready by the next hurricane season.


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