NJ Major Political Parties Have $2.6 Million Reserve

By Phil Gregory, WBGO News
April 17, 2013

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New Jersey’s top party fundraising committees now have $2.6 million in combined cash reserves.

Election Law Enforcement Commission executive director Jeff Brindle says that’s the smallest reserve at this point of any gubernatorial election year since 2001.

 He says the state’s pay to play law that limits by public contractors is the main reason for the drop.  The recent surge in spending by independent groups that are not required to disclose their financial activities is also a factor.

 “Some of the contractor money and some of the other money is starting to go to these groups which also has an impact on the overall decrease in fundraising by the big six committees.”

Democratic fundraising is lower than four years ago, while Republican totals are up, a trend that began after Governor Christie’s election in 2009.


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