NJ Judge Refuses To Delay Start Of Gay Marriages

By Phil Gregory, WBGO News
Trenton. October 10, 2013

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A state judge is refusing to delay her order that New Jersey grant marriage licenses for same-sex couples beginning October 21st.

The Christie administration is asking an appeals court judge to consider an emergency appeal of the ruling.

Troy Stevenson is executive director of Garden State Equality. He says the judge’s decision means licenses for same-sex marriages in New Jersey could be issued on the 21st, and some couples might not have the usual three-day waiting period for their wedding ceremonies.

 “Special dispensation can be given in certain jurisdictions. I’m not an expert on each municipal law, but there will be places where people will be getting married on the 21st if there is no stay on this decision.”

Stevenson is concerned the appeals process will delay same-sex weddings.

“This could be taken away at any time until there’s an absolute definitive decision by the court, and that could be a year and a half. They only way to guarantee that before that happens is to enact the law we passed in 2012 by having two-thirds of the legislature vote on this bill.”

No vote to override the governor’s veto of that bill is scheduled, and it’s not clear if there would be enough votes in the Assembly for that effort to succeed.


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