NJ Graduation Rate Increases

By Phil Gregory, WBGO News
Trenton. December 4, 2013

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New Jersey Education Commissioner Chris Cerf
New Jersey Education Commissioner Chris Cerf (photo by Phil Gregory)

New Jersey’s high school graduation rate is continuing to rise.

Education Commissioner Chris Cerf says the 88 percent graduation rate this year is a one percent increase and the third yearly advance.

“We are seeing a trend that I think is a credit to our educators, to our districts, our superintendents, and our schools in general. Most kids who start in New Jersey in the 9th grade end up graduating, approaching 90 percent, and that’s a very compelling number.” 

Cerf says there are some demographic differences.

 “Our white and Asian students are graduating in the mid 90’s, and our African-America, Hispanic and disadvantaged students are in the mid 70’s. So that’s a gap we absolutely must close.”

Even so, Cerf says more of those minority students did successfully complete high school this year as teachers and school officials focused on helping them improve.


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