NJ Damage Estimates From Sandy Increase

By Phil Gregory, WBGO News
Trenton. November 28, 2012

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Mark Ferzan and Governor Chris Christie at Statehouse news conference (photo by Tim Larsen/Governor's Office)

Governor Chris Christie says Superstorm Sandy caused even more damage than previously thought.

Christie says the damage now totals $36.8 billion.

“Based on land and aerial assessments over 30,000 businesses and homes were destroyed or experienced some form of structural damage while 42,000 homes were impacted in some other lesser way. Over a hundred miles of shoreline beaches were severely eroded, and public infrastructure in many communities were uprooted.”

The governor is hopeful of getting federal funds to help the state recover.

“We recognize that the federal government has got financial issues. They’re dealing with fiscal cliff issues and other things, but it has always been the role of the federal government to step up, and given the important economic role that New Jersey and New York plays in our nation’s economy I’m confident that the President and Congress will step up and help us this time.”

Christie says rebuilding will not be easy and will be the top priority of his administration.

He’s named former assistant state attorney general Mark Ferzan to oversee the recovery efforts.

Ferzan says he¹ll begin that task immediately.

“I need to fully understand the breadth and scope of the damages around the state, examine all available public and private funding sources, look at federal and state legislative initiative that make sense, and facilities the development of proposed plans so that we can move forward.”

Ferzan says the plans will consider how to rebuild to make the shore resistant to future storms.



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