NJ Assembly Passes Gun Control Bills

By Phil Gregory, WBGO News
Trenton. February 21, 2013

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Republican leaders say the bills won't solve gun violence problem (photo by Phil Gregory)

The New Jersey Assembly has approved 22 bills aimed at preventing gun violence.

The measures reduce the maximum capacity of gun magazines, ban online sales of weapons and ammo, and allow police to seize weapons from people when mental health professionals determine they pose a threat.

Assembly Speaker Sheila Oliver says the bills are sensible initiatives.

 “We have some of the best gun laws in the country, we also know we’ve got some things we can tighten up. We are not doing anything that’s radical. These are all things to safeguard people.”

Republican Conference leader Dave Rible says the legislation won’t solve the gun violence problem.

 “We’re not seeing any legislation today that’s going after the violent criminal. We’re seeing legislation today that’s going after the law abiding citizen.”

Republicans say the bills are being rushed through. Assembly Minority Leader Jon Bramnick says it would be better to wait for the governor’s task force to issue its recommendations on dealing with the broader violence issues.

“This is all part of a political agenda during an election year to try to make somebody look anti gun. This is simply a way for the Democrats to find a wedge issue in a year where they can’t find a wedge issue.”

Bryan Miller, the former executive director of Ceasefire NJ, says gun control advocates will work to ensure the Senate also approves the legislation and that Governor Christie will consider it.


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