Newtown Parents Push For NJ Ammo Clip Limits

By Phil Gregory, WBGO News
Trenton. April 30, 2013

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Newtown parents hold news conference at NJ Statehouse (photo by Phil Gregory)

The parents of some of the children killed in the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings in Connecticut are urging New Jersey lawmakers to pass legislation to reduce the maximum capacity of gun magazines.

Nicole Hockley is a Newtown resident whose 6-year-old son died in the school shootings. She says 11 children in her son’s classroom escaped while the gunman reloaded.

 “I’m one of those parents who ask myself every day, every minute, if those magazines had held 10 rounds instead of 30 forcing the shooter to reload many more times, would my son be alive today?”

Nelba Marquez-Greene's daughter died in the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings.

“The truth is what happened in Newtown can happen in any town. In an instant any mother in America can be in my shoes, and no one in America should have to feel that pain.”

Darin Goens is the New Jersey liaison for the National Rifle Association. He says reducing gun magazine capacity would not deter violent crime.

 “It’s completely implausible that a shooter is going to go into a school with a ten round magazine to follow the law only to commit murder.”

Frank Fiamingo, the president of the New Jersey Second Amendment Society, also believes that limits on magazine ammo would not have prevented what happened in Newtown.

 “Sadly we have to find other ways to deal with the issue of people who are insane and are out of control and yet have access to firearms, but you don’t do it by legislating and restricting the law-abiding firearms owner.”

While it’s not part of the package of gun measures the Senate is now considering, sponsors of a Senate bill to limit the amount of ammunition in gun clips to ten bullets are hoping the measure will be considered before the current legislative session ends in January.


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