Newark's New Development For Women, By Women

By Katie Colaneri, WBGO News
April 4, 2012

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Developers Maria Del Mar Lopez, left, and Maria Yglesias, right. Katie Colaneri/WBGO News

An abandoned building ravaged by fire in Newark’s North Ward has become a brand new home for ten women in need. 

The building's developers, known around town as "The Marias," say they're committed to building homes that reflect the diversity of the surrounding communities. That includes people of mixed incomes.

Walking through one of the new apartments with her business partner Maria Yglesias, Maria Lopez says it’s easy to see it’s a place built for women, by women…

“…because we do look at those things that men sometimes forget, ya know, how the kitchen is laid out and where do you want things. Everybody has dishwashers because the women that live here are not going to wash.”

There’s also a courtyard with flowers and deck furniture, a gym and a doorman.

The comfort and safety of their new tenants is important to the Marias. Some of them are victims of domestic violence. Others are young mothers in their late teens and early twenties.

Yglesias says it’s important to give these women a safe place to live and raise their families.

“They will not have to be worried about paying (for) the apartment, or finding somebody to pay the apartment for them so they can concentrate on raising the children, getting (an) education.”

Yglesias think that's something everyone deserves.


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