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Newark's New City Council President Hopes To Unify The City And The Council

By Alexandra Hill, WBGO News
September 24, 2013

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Newly appointed Newark City Council President Luis A. Quintana is looking ahead to the many challenges facing the city.

Quintana says he wants to tackle the most pressing issues facing the city, among them crime. He says he also hopes to unify not only the council but the city as a whole.

“I want to be here to make sure that we do the business of the people, not the personal business of us one against another. We have to show that we are the leaders of the city, and we have to put differences to the side and move this city forward.”

Quintana says should Mayor Booker with the U.S. senate election and if the council decides to appoint him interim mayor he will gladly accept, but says he has no ambition to run in next year’s election.


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