Newark's Municipal Council Votes Again To Fill Vacant Seat

By Monica Miller, WBGO News
Newark. December 5, 2012

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Protester at Newark City Hall prepares for possible pepper spray

It's been a contentious process. But Newark’s City Council has once again voted to fill a vacant seat on the Council.

City Hall was packed with a large police presence and spectators as they watched the eight Council members cast their vote for and against Shanique Davis Speight. Violence broke out last month when the issue was brought up without being on the agenda.

A Superior Court Judge ordered them to try again. If four members voted yes, Mayor Cory Booker would once again cast the deciding vote which he did.

One of the opponents Councilman Ron Rice, Jr. says the Mayor has declined in the past to get involved.

“He is fond of say that democracy is a spectator sport. What I say to the Mayor, ‘How can democracy be a spectator sport when you stand at the door of the arena and decide who can watch the game and who can’t.”

The judge could make the ultimate decision on the matter next week.


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