Newark's Early Childhood Nutrition Program Celebrates Milestone

By Alexandra Hill, WBGO News
December 3, 2013

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Graduates Of The Early Childhood Nutrition Program

A program aimed at fighting the high rate of childhood obesity in Newark is touting a big accomplishment in just its second year.

The early childhood nutrition program reached one hundred and ten families, double the number of its inaugural year. It is geared toward promoting breastfeeding among pregnant women and healthy eating habits in children up to 4 years. Program Coordinator Markeisha Deville says this is the only nutrition program in Newark geared toward fighting obesity from birth.

“It’s our children that are most important to us and we play a huge role in making sure that they have a healthy life.”

Deville says there is a lack of healthy nutrition options in Newark. That makes a program like this crucial to the fight against childhood obesity.


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