Newark Motorists And Pedestrians Could Be Hit With Hefty Fines

By Alexandra Hill, WBGO News
November 18, 2013

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Newark motorists and pedestrians alike could face big fines for not obeying safety laws this month.

The Essex County Sheriff’s department is on the lookout for jaywalkers and drivers who violate speed limits, stop signs, crosswalks, and do not walk signals. Its part of a safety program to try and prevent pedestrian fatalities. Essex County Sheriff Armando Fontoura says his officers will be going undercover.

“If the motorist violates, if he or she comes across at a high rate of speed or doesn’t stop appropriately we’re going to ticket the motorist, and also the pedestrian if he or she is violating the crosswalk rules, or walking against the red, or in the middle of the block, we’re going to ticket them also.”

New Jersey ranks 14th in the country in pedestrian fatalities with Newark having the highest rate of crashes.


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