Newark Gun Buyback Program Turns Guns Into Jewelry

By Alexandra Hill, WBGO News
April 30, 2013

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Newark Police Director Samuel DeMaio and Jewelry For A Cause CEO Jessica Mindich (left)

Newark’s latest gun buyback event is taking guns off the streets and turning them into bracelets, the sale of which will help fund future buyback’s.

Newark police recovered over 200 weapons including 117 handguns, the most common gun used in city crimes. The buyback was sponsored by “Jewelry for a Cause”, an organization that uses the surrendered weapons and shell casings to create jewelry. Jessica Mindich is the company’s founder and CEO.

“I’ve received emails from people from Newark who have lost family members to illegal gun violence, and they’re so grateful that there is this positive transformation and symbol of beauty made out of these weapons of destruction.”’

Police Director Samuel DeMaio says they had to stop gun buyback’s in recent years due to funding issues and says this partnership will now allow them to do this on a continuing basis.


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