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Newark Archdiocese Gets 2nd Archbishop

By Monica Miller, WBGO News
Newark. September 24, 2013

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Sexual abuse victims protest in front of Newark Archdiocese headquarters.

The Vatican has named a new archbishop to help out and eventually take over for Newark’s who is under fire for his handling of a sexually abusive priest.

Archbishop Bernard Hebda is getting a warm reception from officials at the Newark Archdiocese, especially from its current leader, Archbishop John Myers.

“Considering some major projects that need to be implemented in the Archdiocese and the fact that three of us bishops are in our seventies, I had requested a co-adjutor some time ago.”  

 Myers denies that Hebda is being brought on board because his handling recently of an abusive priest. Hebda says he’ll use the example of Pope Francis to reach out to the victims.

“… who continues to use that metaphor of the church being a hospital, a place where people find healing in a satisfying and fulfilling way.”

Four victims’ advocates like Kevin Walter held a small protest across the street from the church headquarters. They’re still asking for Myers to step down and see Hebda’s presence as the end to a painful era.

“I think that they’re bringing him in to push Myers out. Hopefully, the new archbishop will be more responsive.”  

72-year-old Archbishop Myers says he has no intention to retire until he’s forced to in 2016.


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