New Strategy To Reduce Violence In Trenton

By Phil Gregory, WBGO News
Trenton. September 26, 2013

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John Hoffman
Acting Attorney General accounces the new strategy outside Trenton Police Headquarters (photo by Phil Gregory)

New efforts are targeting gun violence in New Jersey’s capital city.

Acting New Jersey Attorney General John Hoffman says murders in Trenton are down by 57 percent since an intensive law enforcement effort began in August, deploying state police into the city.

He says those efforts will continue, and a new violence reduction strategy will provide more than a million dollars over the next three years to send outreach workers into high crime areas to offer counseling and job training.

“Outreach workers who live in or come from their neighborhoods will carry a message that there are alternatives to the criminal lifestyle. They will visit with families and victims in the wake of violence to deter them from retaliation and help them to get the help that they will need.”

Hoffman says that gives would-be offenders a clear choice.

“If you want help, we will help you. In fact we will bend over backwards to help you. If you want to continue to wage war on the streets of Trenton, we will come at you with everything that we have got.”

The new strategy will add strategic patrols, improved lighting, and closed-circuit cameras to high-risk areas.  Regulatory authorities will go after businesses that attract criminal activity.


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