New Report Shows Decline In Driving

By Alexandra Hill, WBGO News
August 29, 2013

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A new report released today shows that New Jerseyan’s are spending less time behind the wheel.

The report, by The New Jersey Public Interest Research Group, finds the average number of miles a person drives has gone down by 5 and a half percent since 2007. It finds that the 60 year driving boom following World War II that was fueled by suburbanization, cheap gas prices, and increased car ownership is over.  Bersi Mesgna, with NJPIRG, says technology is playing a big role in the decline.

“Today people are increasing opting for other ways to get around, such as public transit and biking, and with the growth of technology we see more people telecommuting from home rather than driving to the office or ordering products online rather than going to the mall.”

Mesgna says this is not just a temporary trend, and says Millennial’s are moving to cities and are shying away from the costs associated with owning a car.


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