New Jersey's Head Start Program Forced To Cut Enrollment

By Alexandra Hill, WBGO News
March 26, 2013

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New Jersey’s head start program is facing some tough decisions as a result of the sequestration.

The federally and state funded pre-school program for low-income families is now starting to feel the 5% across the board cut in funding. Some of the local programs have already begun to cut enrollment and make lay-offs to teaching staff that’s already underpaid. Veronica Ray is President of the New Jersey Head Start Association.

“The bottom line is when you talk about cutting children, who do we cut? Who do we cut? How do I decide between the child in the homeless center, and the child that’s in a single parent household?”

Ray says parents who are enrolled in school or working will be forced to drop out or even lose their jobs, and as a result the communities at large will suffer.


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