New Jersey Launches Statewide Suicide Hotline

By Alexandra Hill, WBGO News
May 9, 2013

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New Jersey has launched its first statewide suicide prevention initiative with a 24 hour live call center.

The New Jersey Hopeline uses trained New Jersey based counselors.  Christopher Kosseff is President and CEO of University Behavioral HealthCare at UMDNJ that operates the call center. He says though New Jersey has the second lowest rate of suicide in the nation it’s still too high.

“We’ve had pockets of suicide in New Jersey Monmouth county has had some issues with youth suicide particularly focused in that county in the last eight or nine years but the rate of suicide is greatest for men and that’s in New Jersey as well as the country.”

Kosseff says the hotline is one important step to give people options rather than taking their own life. Since opening last week the center has already received over 300 calls.


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