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New Jersey Citizen Action Endorses Democratic candidate For Governor Barbara Buono

By Alexandra Hill, WBGO News
September 17, 2013

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NJ Senator Barbara Buono Accepts Endorsements In Her Campaign For Governor

Democratic Candidate for Governor Barbara Buono picked up a much needed block of endorsements today in her race against Governor Christie.

New Jersey Citizen Action, Planned Parenthood Political Action Committee, and the Latino Action Network are among those endorsing Senator Buono. They all voiced similar criticisms of the Governor including his veto of the minimum wage increase and cuts to the state’s Earned Income Tax Credit. Senator Buono says New Jersey needs a Governor who will help build a strong middle class.

“This is a working group of men and women that represent all of the values that I believe in, all of the values that led me to the Democratic Party that led me to embrace the Democratic Party and yes every endorsement is valuable but this one in particular because it is grassroots.”

Buono says this is one o f the most important endorsements she has picked up in her campaign.


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