National Moth Week Sheds Light on Nocturnal Wildlife

By Julie Daurio, WBGO News
July 18, 2013

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Io Moth
Photo by David Moskowitz

Most people think of moths as the pesky, less glamorous cousin of the butterfly. But the founders of National Moth Week are on a mission to bring a new understanding and appreciation to the insect.

The group started holding nighttime moth sighting events in local parks and forests to shed light on the incredible biodiversity and beauty of moths. During the nighttime events, a bright Mercury vapor bulb is set up to attract moths of every shape, size and pattern imaginable so people can get a closer look. Moth Week co-founder David Moskowitz says that experts and novices alike can gain something meaningful from attending these events.

 “Everybody that’s there, regardless of their level of expertise, or their interest, you come away with an appreciation of something that you just didn’t know existed but that is around all of us. I can guarantee that anyone who starts looking at moths or goes to a moth night will come away with a very different conception and it will be guaranteed an appreciation of moths.”

Moth Week kicks off this Saturday at the Butterfly Park in East Brunswick. 


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