More Showers After Record June Rainfall

By Phil Gregory, WBGO News
July 1, 2013

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After record rainfall in June, New Jersey is not going to dry out soon..

New Jersey Farm Bureau President Ryck Suydam says all the rain is causing problems for farmers trying to grow hay and wheat and harvest peppers, eggplant, and tomatoes.

“You end up getting some fungus growing along as well which is not good. So we need some air to move around to prevent the fungus, and it’s also hard to get out there and pick when it’s this wet. You can’t get in the field because the machines are kind of heavy. When you get ankle deep in the mud it really slows things down.”

State climatologist Dave Robinson says a dip in the jet stream has caused a wet weather pattern that brought a record nine a half inches of rain to the Garden State last month.

He says the ground is saturated and there’s been some localized flash flooding on roadways.

“But as we keep this pattern going and the rivers already are much higher than average for this time of the year, anything that broadens out and becomes exceptionally heavy could bring some river flooding.”

Robinson says one positive thing is the showers and storms have boosted reservoir and groundwater levels so there should not be much concern about a summertime drought.

He says Bermuda high pressure system off the southeast U.S. could bring an end to the rainy conditions later this month.

“It looks like we might go from this moist, warm pattern to one that is rather hot and humid and then eventually we’ll see some kind of a break and maybe even get a couple refreshing air masses in from Canada.”


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