More NJ Contracts May Require U.S. Products

By Phil Gregory, WBGO News
Trenton. June 11, 2014

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New Jersey Statehouse
New Jersey Statehouse (photo by Phil Gregory)

Businesses awarded state contracts in New Jersey may have to rely more on products made in the U-S-A.

New Jersey already requires the purchase of domestic-manufactured goods to fulfill state construction and local schools contracts.

Lawmakers are now considering a bill to extend that requirement to contracts negotiated by colleges and bi-state authorities.

Assemblyman Joe Lagana  says there is a concern that the measure might prevent a contract from going to the low bidder.

“If it was inconsistent with public interest, if the products were not satisfactory, there would be a waiver upon application and non-U.S. made products would be used in those circumstances.”

The bill also allows for a waiver if U.S. manufactured goods were too costly.

The measure has bipartisan sponsors, but there’s no indication whether Governor Chris Christie would sign it into law if it makes it through the legislature.

Assemblyman Pat Diegnan hopes Christie will approve it.

“This is in my mind a no-brainer, something that should cross the aisle and have bipartisan support and hopefully the governor feels the same way. He doesn’t usually tell us that in advance. I hope that he’ll look at the big picture here and support it.”


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