Montclair's Restaurant Week Brings Charity To The Table

By Alexandra Hill, WBGO News
April 10, 2013

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Foodies rejoice! Montclair Restaurant Week is officially underway serving up food and charity too!

About two dozen of Montclair’s tastiest dining destinations are participating in this year’s restaurant week. Diners can enjoy three course price-fixed menus as well as regular priced menu options. A dollar from each meal purchased will go toward local food charities.  Diane Lilli is one of the event’s organizers. She says the best thing about Montclair restaurants is the diversity.

“You can eat anywhere in the world without jumping on a plane just by going to Montclair. We are so diverse I mean it’s unbelievable to me the types of restaurants from Vegan spots to like I said an Ethiopian spot that’s fabulous from French to Americana you name it we have it.”

This year’s event runs through April 21st.


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