Mixed Reaction To Christie Order On Standardized Tests

By Phil Gregory, WBGO News
Trenton. July 15, 2014

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Ed Richardson, NJEA executive director, reacts to Christie's executive order
Ed Richardson, NJEA executive director, reacts to Christie's executive order (photo by Phil Gregory)

The union representing New Jersey teachers welcome the changes Governor Chris Christie made in the use of new standardized tests.

The governor's executive order calls for results of the PARCC exams that will be given to students in the new school year to account for just 10 percent of teacher evaluations instead of the previously planned 30 percent.

Ed Richardson is executive director of the New Jersey Education Association.

"We had actually argued that given the newness of the tests and trying to make the old and the new sort of fit together that is shouldn't be used at all. We think 10 percent is a reasonable compromise. It will obviously reduce the statistical impact of it dramatically."

Not everyone is pleased with the governor’s decision.

Julia Rubin is a founding member of Save Our Schools NJ. She says the grassroots parents group was urging a two-year delay in the consequences associated with the new testing.

“We have no idea what the experience is going to be like, what the outcomes are going to be like, and yet we’re going to use this test to exact basically punishment on students. Students can be held back. They can have placement decisions affected by this.”

Rubin says the parents’ group questions the independence of a commission created by the governor in determining the effectiveness and impact of the standardized tests.


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