Major Delays For Morning Commuters on Interstate 195

By Phil Gregory, WBGO News
Trenton. October 4, 2012

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A travel nightmare for commuters trying to get to work in Trenton is expected to last for several weeks following a serious accident on Wednesday.

There’s some damage to the beams on the Interstate 195 overpass caused by a truck that crashed and burst into flames on the New Jersey Turnpike.

Department of Transportation spokesman Joe Dee says both eastbound lanes of the bridge are open, but westbound traffic on 195 is being restricted to one lane until a new bridge that’s been under construction as part of a Turnpike widening project is completed.

 “In the worst case scenario this configuration will persist for roughly two months. However, the Turnpike is working with its contractor to see if they can accelerate the project to shave some weeks off of that estimated completion time.”

About 30,000 cars a day usually travel over that bridge. Dee says having only one westbound lane is causing major delays for drivers or forcing them onto slower local roads for their morning commute.

“The detours and the workarounds are not that easy. It involves some county roads to get off of 195 and then get back onto it working around this bottleneck of one lane on this overpass.”


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