Local Religious Leader Recalls Time With Mandela

By Alexandra Hill, WBGO News
December 6, 2013

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Following the passing of political prisoner and President Nelson Mandela, one local educational and religious leader shares his experience with the South African leader.

Reverend Dr. William Howard of Newark’s Bethany Baptist Church met with Mandela in South Africa on several occasions, and played a major role hosting Mr. Mandela’s first trip to New York in 1990. Howard recalls meeting Mandela for the first time.

“To meet him and be fairly familiar with his philosophy but to be none the less bombarded by American media characterizing him in a different sort of way one could not help to be impressed by his gentle demeanor.

Howard says it was only until recent years that Mandela was portrayed as a hero and adds he was a man a man of extraordinary leadership who was part of a generation that lived for their ideals.


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