Lane Closures on Route I-78 To Begin

By Alexandra Hill, WBGO News
July 12, 2013

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Motorist traveling on I-78 this weekend will notice fewer lanes are open than usual.

One of the two eastbound local lanes on the busy highway will be closed as part of the latest phase of the roadways $72 million dollar makeover.  To make room for the extra traffic there will be an added lane on the express side. Department of Transportation spokesperson Steve Schapiro says the project is designed to limit the inconvenience to motorists.

“There will be ongoing changes in the project where they will be shifting some of the lanes where they’ll be doing the work, but it shouldn’t have to large of an impact in terms of what they are experiencing right now with the construction.”

Schapiro says this phase of closures will last through mid-August and the westbound lanes will be next, but says drives can look forward to a much smoother ride once the project is completed next year.


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