In Newark, Art Auction Celebrates The Value of Creativity

By Alexandra Hill, WBGO News
Newark. May 23, 2013

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photo by Katie Colaneri

What began as a small artist workspace in Newark has developed into one of the area's premiere visual arts centers over the last three decades.

Aljira's Founding Director Victor Davson says the arts are an important part of the city's cultural renaissance because they inspire and attract creativity.

"What we need in Newark is young, bright curious minds. We need to attract them to Newark. We need them whether they're working in the arts or the sciences and we need them in the same space."

Davson believes spaces like Aljira have the power to raise Newark's profile and attract new residents. He says that's because there's more to gain from the arts than just beautiful things to look at or listen to.

"I think the notion that art is something that is separate from other human activity, whether you're designing an iPhone or whether you're designing a shoe... I think the notion that art is something behind a couch is ludicrious."

The auction will mark the beginning of Aljira' s30th anniversary celebration. Over 80 pieces of original contemporary art with be up for bid to raise money for the center.


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