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Hudson County Officialls Call For Ban On Tourist Helicopters

By Alexandra Hill, WBGO News
Hoboken. July 8, 2013

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NJ Congressman Albio Sires Joined by Hoboken Mayor Dawn Zimmer(left) and other Hudson County Officials

Hudson County officials are calling for a ban on tourist helicopters that they says are disrupting the safety and quality of life for residents along the county’s waterfront neighborhoods.

“You Here that?! That’s insane, and it’s literally flying right over us on land.”

Long time Hoboken resident, Brian Wagner, says the helicopters are so loud he has to wear noise cancelling headphones. Hoboken Mayor Dawn Zimmer says there are over 120,000 flights a year up and down the Hudson River, and says they reap none of the benefits but all of the noise.

“For New York they’re the ones getting the economic benefit they’re able to ban the helicopters from going over central park going over parts of Brooklyn and queens, we’re not even getting any of the economic benefit it’s just a fairness issue, it’s a straight forward fairness issue.”

Zimmer says if tourist want to enjoy the New York City skyline they can do so from the ground at one of the counties many waterfront parks.


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