Hatching Time For Bald Eagles In New Jersey

By Phil Gregory, WBGO News
March 31, 2015

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Bald eagles photo courtesy of nest observer Dr. Kumar Patel
Bald eagles photo courtesy of nest observer Dr. Kumar Patel

Bald eagles are making a comeback in New Jersey and it's the time of year when baby eaglets start breaking out of their shells.

Biologist Kathy Clark with the Division of Fish and Wildlife says 150 nesting pairs of bald eagles are under observation throughout the state.

"Last year we had a record banner year where over 200 chicks fledged. So that was a real milestone for us. This winter is a pretty harsh one so I'm not sure that we're going to have that kind of success."

Clark says the eaglets will stay in their nests for a while.

“The chicks are totally dependent on the adults for at least the first 12 weeks from hatching to fledging, taking their first flight, and then even after that they tend to stay and be fed by their parents for about two months after that.”

Clark says getting too close to the nests can cause the eaglets harm.

“The best way to observe eagles is staying in your car and watching with a telescope or binoculars.”

Or you can check out the live camera feed of a nest on the Duke Farms website.


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