Group Says More Regulation Needed To Prevent Food Contamination

By Katie Colaneri, WBGO News
November 9, 2012

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The authors of a new report on food recalls say more regulation is needed to prevent contamination.

The New Jersey Public Interest Research Group (NJPIRG) compiled information about major food recalls over the past two years.

They found that 120 people in New Jersey got sick from foods that were recalled at a cost of 5 million dollars to the state economy.

Peter Skopec from NJPIRG says that includes "hospital costs and care costs, inpatient and outpatient costs, lost productivity and pain and suffering costs.”

He says more needs to be done about preventing contamination in the first place. NJPIRG’s approach is more federal funding for inspections and more regulation. Skopec says that’s because with the government watching, manufacturers are less likely to cut corners.


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