Gayle Chaneyfield-Jenkins Wins Central Ward Council Seat

By Julie Daurio, WBGO News
Newark. June 10, 2014

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Chaneyfield-Jenkins will be the city's next Central Ward Councilwoman.

Former Councilwoman-at-Large Gayle Chaneyfield-Jenkins is returning to City Hall as Central Ward Councilwoman after a decisive win over incumbent Darrin Sharif in Tuesday's runoff election.

Surrounded by supporters, friends, and politicians, Gayle Chaneyfield-Jenkins called her win to get back to the city council “redemptive.”

She says she’s learned from her past and her time in office and that she has a better understanding now of what the city needs.

“I’m older and wiser and certainly battle-scarred, but I have new ideas and things that I realize that the people need, and want and deserve. And that’s just a common touch. That’s just somebody to listen, that’s somebody to hear them.”

Jenkins says she’s looking forward to doing more great things for the city this time around.

Tuesday night's results also mean a win for mayor-elect Ras Baraka. Both of the candidates who ran on Baraka’s ticket had decisive wins in the runoffs. In addition to Jenkins' win, Joe McCallum beat Pat Bradford for the West Ward Council seat.

Baraka now has five of his supporters on the nine-person city council. 


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