Gay Marriage May Be Issue in Gov's Race

By Phil Gregory, WBGO News
Trenton. June 27, 2013

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Senator Barbara Buono speaks at gay marriage rally outside NJ Statehouse (photo by Phil Gregory)

Advocates say they’ll pursue legal action and legislation to legalize same-sex marriage in New Jersey following the U-S Supreme Court ruling that invalidates part of the federal Defense of Marriage Act.  The issue could be a factor in the governor’s race.

Governor Christie says he remains opposed to gay marriage.

 “I believe that the institution of marriage for two thousand years has been between a man and a woman, and I believe that it should continue to be.”

Speaking on the ‘Ask the Governor’ show on New Jersey 101.5, Christie says if lawmakers agreed to put a constitutional amendment on the ballot to legalize same sex marriage and voters approved it, he’d enforce the law.

“What I’ve said all along is what I said when I vetoed the last one.  Let the people decide. The Democrats are putting an increase in minimum wage on the ballot. That’s important enough to put on the ballot but gay marriage is not.”

Democratic gubernatorial candidate, Senator Barbara Buono, is encouraging lawmakers to override Christie’s veto of the gay marriage bill.

 “This is a governor who’s shown an antipathy toward our gay and lesbian sisters and brothers, and we need to stand up to that.”

Buono says gay marriage is a defining issue in the governor’s race.

“I’m standing up for my daughter and for all the daughters and sons in New Jersey who deserve to be treated equally, who deserve not to be treated as second class citizens, as something separate but equal because we know if it’s separate it ain’t equal.”

Buono isn’t sure whether her support for gay marriage will encourage more Democratic voters to show up at the polls on election day.


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