Fuel Pricing Bill Being Considered By Lawmakers

By Phil Gregory, WBGO News
Trenton. March 1, 2013

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A New Jersey Senate committee will consider a measure on Monday that would allow retailers to sell premium gas at the price of regular if they run short of fuel during emergencies.

Some gas stations charged the lower price for premium to drivers who had waited on long lines after Hurricane Sandy only to find there was no more regular gas when they finally got to the pumps.

Senator Bob Gordon says some retailers were fined by the state for violating pricing rules. The legislation he’s proposing would prevent that from happening when the governor declares an energy emergency.

“I think we’re going to see more events of the kind we saw with Sandy. Anything that we can do to streamline the process and facilitate the flow of fuel should be something that we do.”

New Jersey Gasoline and Automotive Association executive director Sal Risalvato doesn’t believe the law is needed because he says most retailers would not hurt their profits by selling premium at regular prices.

 “I am baffled why the legislature needs to introduce this law, and I would suggest that they just scrap it.”


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