Free Tetanus Shots In Sandy Devastated Towns

By Phil Gregory, WBGO News
Point Pleasant Beach. June 14, 2013

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Paul Blinn signs up for free tetanus shot at health department outreach van (photo by Phil Gregory)

There’s a new concern for residents in New Jersey shore towns who are continuing to cleanup the debris from Sandy. 

Health officials are urging them to make sure they’re vaccinated against tetanus.

Tetanus is nervous system disease caused by bacteria that usually enter the body through a deep cut.

The Ocean County Health Department has been sending a mobile outreach van to shore communities to offer free tetanus shots.

Paul Blinn says his home in Point Pleasant Beach was extensively damaged by Sandy, and he decided to get a tetanus shot as a precaution.

 “We’ve been working around the rubble and everything in our house down at the beach. There’s glass and nails and all kinds of stuff so I think it’s a good thing to get.”

The tetanus boosters provide protection that lasts about ten years. 

Health officials have given out more than 500 of the free shots and will focus their efforts on Sandy devastated areas for the next several weeks.


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