FEMA Remains In NJ To Help With Sandy Recovery

By Phil Gregory, WBGO News
December 31, 2012

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Representatives of the Federal Emergency Management Agency will remain in New Jersey into the New Year to help with the recovery from Hurricane Sandy.

FEMA spokesman Darrell Habisch says the agency will be in New Jersey for as long as it takes.

“It will transition from individual assistance and then begin to look at the cities, townships, and various municipalities to bring the roads, the bridges, a lot of the mitigation efforts back, and sometimes that can take years.”

Residents with storm losses have until January 30th to register for disaster assistance.

“We have a total of 349,937 total registrations. That equates to more $321 million dispersed throughout New Jersey to date.”

The FEMA grants help pay for temporary housing, home repairs, and other serious disaster-related expenses not covered by insurance.

Habisch says the initial denial of benefits for individuals often results from the need for more information.

“FEMA may need additional insurance information or a specific clarification of something that¹s being claimed, and there is an appeals process as well.”


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