FEMA Extends Temporary Housing Program Deadline

By Alexandra Hill, WBGO News
January 10, 2013

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New Jersey residents displaced by Sandy still living in hotels and motels under a FEMA program will continue to receive assistance for another two weeks.

FEMA estimates 1,100 families have yet to find more permanent housing. The agency has extended the deadline from this Saturday to January 26th. FEMA spokesman Marty Bahamonde says finding housing has proven to be more challenging for some than others.

“We will continue to work with that population over the next two weeks to get them to a point where by January 26th hopefully they’ll be able to say to us, I now have a housing solution so I can move on.”

At its height 5,400 households were participating in the program. Bahamonde says as people get their insurance payouts and repair their homes, the number will continue to decline.


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