FDU Poll On Improving NJ Schools

By Phil Gregory, WBGO News
September 9, 2013

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A new Fairleigh Dickinson University PublicMind poll finds New Jersey voters think parents, not policy changes, hold the most promise for improving public schools.

Poll director Krista Jenkins says 71 percent of voters say the best thing to do is to require more parental involvement.

“I’m not quite sure how that might manifest itself in any kind of curriculum. We simply put it on there as an option. It was interesting that so many people chose that over some of the other perhaps more easily accomplished reforms in the education system.”

Jenkins says only 40 percent of voters support giving parents vouchers to allow kids to go to better-performing schools.

“Even though there has been a significant push to give parents a greater choice, the public does not seem to be sold on the idea, and this potentially speaks to the difficulty of assuming that a single remedy will suffice to satisfy the concerns of parents.”

About half the New Jersey voters surveyed says more education funding or teacher tenure reform would result in major improvement in the quality of education.


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