Essex County Remembers 9/11

By Julie Daurio, WBGO News
West Orange. September 11, 2013

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Visitors search for names on the Essex County 9/11 Memorial.

Essex County remembered September 11th with a ceremony on Tuesday morning at the 9/11 memorial in West Orange.

Eagle Rock Reservation was one of those places people went to on 9/11 to witness the unfolding tragedy. The county park provides a clear vista of the Manhattan skyline. The overlook is now home to a memorial. That’s where community members, county officials and family members of victims gathered to make sure the day would not be forgotten.

Among them was Sherriff Armando Fontoura.

“There are those cynics among us who are beginning to whisper, isn’t it time to get over this? We say, “No, it’s not time to get over this.” We will continue to say, “No—it will never be time to get over this.”

While some expressed concerns that the event would not have as strong a turnout as those in the past, over two hundred people were in attendance to commemorate the anniversary. 


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