Essex County Executive Presents 2013 Budget Proposal

By Alexandra Hill, WBGO News
January 10, 2013

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Essex County Executive Joe Divincenzo has presented his budget for this year.

The proposed budget includes increased revenue from parks, and housing federal inmates and INS detainees at the county jail. The budget comes in at $730 million $10 million more than last year. Property taxes would go up by 1.75 percent. DiVincezo says even though the state was hard hit by Sandy, the storm did not affect the county’s taxes or the budget.

“Other counties other municipalities that were not as prepared or organized probably, what I’m hearing, have to raise additional taxes to offset the cost, we did not have to do that.”

DiVincenzo says there is concern about the trickling down of state and federal budget cuts in the coming year but says the county is prepared.


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