Essex County Department of Corrections Promotes Married Couple

By Alexandra Hill, WBGO News
February 21, 2013

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Love, marriage, and corrections…Essex County has promoted 22 corrections officers including two that happened to be married to each other.

Corrections officer Dana Paris Jones was promoted to Sergeant alongside her husband Darrell Jones who was promoted to Lieutenant.

“I still respect the rank no matter who it is, but we know what goes on at home.”

The Jones’ are the first married couple in Essex County correctional facility history to be promoted at the same time. Lt. Darrell Jones says to be promoted at the same time as his wife is a special honor.

“We understand that it’s a lifestyle and it’s not just a job, we know how to process working together we really do, we really understand cause again we were on the job 12 years prior to us even ever dating.”

There are no rules against dating among corrections officers, however the department does have guidelines should romance blossom on the job.


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